Fraud Alert

Urgent Fraud Alert: New Phishing Emails with Malware/Spyware

Several agents have reported receiving emails pretending to be from airlines (Jet Blue, Southwest and Delta). Although unprofessionally formatted, these emails reference a ticket number and itinerary for you and a second passenger. Don't be fooled into clicking the links, because such action may place dangerous malware/spyware on your computer, which may not be stopped by your virus protection packages because the virus is too new to be detected. (Note: Some of the emails contain unrelated paragraphs at the end of the emails, i.e., religious issues or reviewing a restaurant's lunch menu, which are not included in the example below.)

Fraud Alert: Phishing Emails Containing Malware and Spyware

Show this to all of your employees, outside agents and independent contractors, and if anyone has clicked the link and opened the attachment, have an IT security person immediately clean that user's computer. Keep your spyware, malware and virus protection up to date, and run it often to protect your computer and your business.

If you have any questions, please contact ARC's fraud prevention team at 703-816-8137 or

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