Fraud Alert

May I see some ID please? Fake IDs continue to be sent to travel agents!

Travel agents continue to receive forged, altered and counterfeit IDs, i.e., drivers' licenses and passports, from passengers (aka criminals). So how can you spot fake documents? Enlarge each of the copies you receive via email and examine the areas of each document, looking for changes in fonts, uneven alignment of data, jagged edges of the pictures, etc. Do not accept if you see any of the following:

  • An unsigned credit card
  • The signature box appears to have been altered: White areas or erasures appear in the box.
  • Fuzzy copies of drivers' licenses or passports: The only things not fuzzy are the entries, i.e., name, address, birthday, etc., which may appear crystal clear and in a different font.
  • Required information is missing or wrong, e.g., no date of birth on a driver's license or the U.S. city is misspelled.
  • Picture is photo-shopped into the copies, e.g., the border of the picture obscures other parts of the license.

Compare the copies you receive to authentic ID's by subscribing to I.D. Checking Guide (less than $30 per year!). This guide includes color photos and descriptions of every state's drivers' current and past licenses, U.S. passports and much more! Contact them directly at 800-227-8827 or to get your guide today.

Contact ARC's fraud prevention team department for more ways to identify possible compromised credit cards and important follow-up information at, 703-816-8137 or 855-358-0393.

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