Fraud Alert

Phishing Email Involving 'Visa Card Europe and Delta'

The fraudster is again changing the phishing emails and the latest phishing email appears to be from "Visa Card Europe" with the Delta logo. Share this alert with everyone who has access to your GDS and advise them NOT to click the link and NOT to login to a GDS through an email. Read the important information which follows.



Phishing Email Involving 'Visa Card Europe and Delta'


What should you do with these examples?

  • Show these examples to everyone, including full- and part-time staff, independent contractors and sub-agents.
  • Never enter your GDS login ID or password through an email - always go directly to your GDS's known website. Advise all employees about this.
  • Ask every employee, or outside sales staff if they received this type of email. If so, take immediate action to change everyone's passwords and refer to your GDS's website for additional instructions.
  • If the agency's GDS administrator's credentials were compromised, check to see if new user accounts have been created or if emails for any user have been changed. (Always delete unknown or former user accounts immediately.) Contact your GDS to see if additional steps should be taken.
  • Review your bookings and ticketing in your GDS early each day for unauthorized ticketing.

If you suspect unauthorized ticketing or access, immediately:

  • Void the ticket(s) through your GDS to obtain an ESAC code.
  • Notify affected carriers of the unauthorized/stolen tickets.
  • Cancel the PNR (or return segments if the outbound leg has been used).
  • Contact your GDS to report compromised IDs, PCCs or passwords, and ask for immediate assistance to prevent additional unauthorized ticketing or access.
  • Contact ARC's fraud prevention team at or (703) 816-8137 for important follow-up instructions.

For more on current schemes, fraud prevention and credit card transaction red flags, visit our Fraud Prevention page.

ARC will send more examples of suspicious emails in the future to keep you informed of the latest fraud attempts. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter.

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