ARC Mark Glossary

ARC - The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) is the premier provider of financial settlement solutions in the United States, and data and analytical services for the global travel industry. Our participants include air and rail carriers, travel agents, corporate travel departments, and industry suppliers. We provide an important communication tie between third parties, including industry associations, the news media, and government agencies.

ARC Accredited Agent - A travel agency that has undergone a rigorous review by ARC to meet professional, financial, and personnel requirements. Accredited Agent participants are party to the ARC Agent Reporting Agreement.

ARC Agency List - ARC maintains a list (name, address, code number) for each authorized location that has been found qualified under ARC standards, and contains the classification under which the location was listed. The Agency List includes only locations that are active and meet ARC requirements.

Authorized Agency Location - A place of business operated by an Accredited Agent or Verified Travel Consultant and is included on the ARC Agency List, including the home office location and any branch office location of the Agent.

Agency Code Number - An eight digit identification code assigned to a location authorized by ARC. Fully accredited travel agencies, corporate travel departments, and verified travel consultants share this numeric coding scheme.

Agent "doing business as" name - The name the agency uses with the public at the location.

Corporate Travel Department (CTD) - A CTD is an approved location that provides travel services primarily for its own employees, owners, and officers who are directly engaged in the operation of its business, consultants, representatives, and related entities. Corporate Travel Department participants are party to the ARC Corporate Travel Department Reporting Agreement.

Verified Travel Consultant (VTC) - VTCs are travel professionals who sell travel but who do not issue tickets on carriers (air, rail, bus). VTCs are thoroughly reviewed by ARC before being granted the VTC designation. VTC participants are party to the ARC VTC Services Program Agreement.