Sales and Marketing Analysis Reports based on fare totals

ARC's Sales & Marketing Analysis Reports (SMART) were designed to give carriers easy access to the sales information they need to create successful marketing plans, sales campaigns, monitor sales by travel agency region and determine their market share compared to industry.

ARC is now developing a new way for carriers to view SMART data. Coming soon, carriers will be able to analyze their sales using an online business intelligence, visualization tool. Carriers will be able to visit this web-based platform at any time to see month-over-month and year-over-year sales and percentage changes with just a click of a mouse. The new SMART tool will allow carriers to compare their sales to industry fares at the region level and view agency by location or entity. In addition, carriers will now be able to see their sales by date of issue, instead of by processing periods.

The following SMART reports are available:

  • Travel Agency Sales by City & State
  • Top 300 U.S. Agencies by YTD Sales
  • Top 300 U.S. Agencies by Monthly Sales
  • Top 300 Growth Agencies by YTD Sales
  • Top 300 Growth Agencies by Monthly Sales
  • Top 20% Producing Agencies by State
  • Market Share Statistics Report
  • National Chains Sales Summary Report
  • Raw Data CD-ROM Output
  • Regional Reports

SMART Reports are available by monthly subscription or as individual reports.

  • Flexibility - There are nine different standard reports to choose from
  • Accuracy - Data is updated weekly based on sales processed by ARC
  • Affordability - SMART Reports are reasonably priced
  • Timeliness - SMART Reports are delivered to you by mid-month to reflect the prior month's sales
  • Easy to Use - SMART reports are pre-formatted so you do not need to process data
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