ARC Revenue Analysis Reports

Ticketing data to manage revenue and prevent costly losses.

ARC Revenue Analysis Reports assemble ticketed transaction data for carriers into logical groups for revenue management and loss prevention analysis. The reports allow you to quickly identify trends and anomalies in ticketing activity and transaction details.

The product suite includes the reports listed below. You can purchase one, several, or all of the reports. (Click on any title for information on that particular report.)

Fraud Prevention Reports

Designed to help you detect unusual ticketing activity, pinpoint problematic transactions, and prevent costly losses.

  • Identifies agencies with any sudden, significant increase in tickets sold on your carrier. The report ranks agencies ascending order based on how far their most recently submitted transaction count deviates from their average transaction count over the period of the previous 72 days. Allows you to quickly identify agencies that have an unusual spike in sales. The ranking provides information needed to determine the severity of the spike and determine if further action is necessary.
  • Identifies agencies that report tickets and/or sales reports late. The report groups records by travel agency location and summarizes the late transactions by manual or IAR processing and cash or credit sales. The report also totals the number of late transactions during the report period and summarizes the total value of the transactions by fare and commission amounts.
  • Agency and ticket information for automated tickets where the price was manually changed. Included transactions might be priced incorrectly if the agents did not have permission or instructions to manually price an automated ticket.
  • Identifies agencies that validate tickets on the subscribing carrier, but the subscribing carrier does not have any segments within the itinerary. These types of transactions might be problematic for interlining carriers if a discrepancy exists with the value of the ticket or segment.
  • Transaction information by class of service. This report will help carriers determine if the ticket price is in line with the class of service. Carriers can specify the cabin class codes to be used in the report.
  • Agency and transaction information for tickets where no credit card approval code was obtained. This information can help reduce exposure to charge backs.
  • Settled transaction information for tickets that include commissions.
  • Initial transaction information for tickets that include commissions.

Financial Management Reports

Designed to help you monitor cash flow, increase efficiency, and strengthen profitability.

Aggregate Reports

  • Sales totals from all cycles aggregated into one report. (Offered monthly and weekly for settled transactions and daily for initial transactions.) The ACN's full address and the fare field separated by cash and credit transactions can be added for an additional fee.
  • Count of transactions validated on the subscribing carrier summarized by: ACN; number of cash transactions; number of credit card transactions by credit card company.
  • Count of transactions validated on the subscribing carrier by credit card account number.
  • Passenger Facility Charges (PFC) by three-letter airport code, counts, and amounts that appear on a ticket.
  • All two-letter tax codes, counts, and amounts that appear on a ticket.

Detail Reports

  • All data elements on the face of a ticket for every ticket transaction.
  • Provides transaction-level information about a ticket and breaks out all of the two-letter tax codes that were included in each transaction.
  • All ticket refunds and exchanges in an electronic format, including the original ticket information.
  • Details of "adjustment" transactions, such as debit memos, credit memos, recall commissions, and agent-automated deductions.
  • All transactions by cash and/or credit sales.
  • Transactions voided either manually or through a GDS. (Reports can be ordered separately by manual or GDS transactions.)

All reports are delivered in Microsoft® Excel® format. (Other formats may be available for an additional fee.) Reports are provided on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on the report.

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