ARC Memo Manager

Online memo distribution and settlement

Memo Manager

ARC Memo Manager is a Web-based product that automates and improves the paper memo distribution and settlement process for both carriers and agencies. It provides an easy way for ARC participating carriers and travel professionals to electronically process and settle memos. This application facilitates the processing of both debit and credit memos, two-way communication, and electronic payment. Data is housed in a secure central repository where it remains available for review within ARC Memo Manager for 39 months.

The newest version of Memo Manager, MM3, is currently accessible through My ARC. It has a brand new look and feel and is the fastest version of Memo Manager to date.

Pricing and Ordering: Please contact us for pricing details. You must be an active ARC participant to order this product.

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  • Send electronic files to upload memos or key them in manually
  • Accept or reject disputes online
  • Correspond with agencies and GDSs in real time online
  • Export memo details
  • Search on a variety of criteria including memo status
  • Memos can be paid directly through IAR
  • Improved cash flow through electronic payment and faster communication to settle memos faster
  • Elimination of another major paper-based process
  • Reduction of distribution and settlement costs
  • Superior data quality and accuracy
  • Streamlined process - memos will no longer be "lost in the mail"
  • The ability to easily track up-to-date status in the system at any time; memo history is stored in a central repository
Memo Manager supports the XML schema and the BSPlink file format.
Yes, an agent can send a payment directly to the carrier outside of Memo Manager but record the payment in the system. The carrier could then close out the memo once payment is received.
The carrier has the ability to control the number of times a memo can be disputed, when the memos will go inactive and the aging warning. The administrator can assign different user roles such as administrator, full access and view/correspond access to users within the organization.

You cannot fine the reports because the Memo Manager email address changed. If you have not received your emails, check with that the emails have not been placed in the Junk or Spam folder. If you have added rules to manage your email, you may need to update your settings to reflect the new address.

The new email address is The subject line of the message has also changed. The subject line will now be Memo Manager Data Import followed by the date and time of the file processed.

Yes, all emails will be sent to the same administrative contacts as they did in Memo Manager Version 2.5.

No, the file import emails will have a new email address:

Yes, the Memo Manager file import emails will still include an attachment. Note: The attachment is now a CSV file instead of a text file.

The subject line of Memo Manager Email reports has changed from the CRS Audit Report to Memo Manager Data Import. The new subject line will also include the date and time that the file was processed.

The information about the status of a file is now included in the body of the email. The status in the body of the email includes a more descriptive summary while the file processing details are still included in the email statement.

The name of the file that was processed will be shown in both the body of the email message as well as the file attachment.