Memo Analyzer

Memo Analyzer is ARC's business intelligence tool that provides insight into memo and ticketing data through a robust and easy-to-use interface. Memo Analyzer enables you to better understand your organization's debit memo trends; benchmark your memo data; and measure the quality of your policies, programs and contracts to determine where to target improvements.

Users can filter through aggregated debit memo data on five dashboards:

  • Memo Overview – Provides a high level look at overall debit and credit memo performance, including the total amount of memos during a specific time period, monthly and quarterly trends as well as the outstanding balance by memo age
  • Industry Benchmarks – Presents key insights into customer performance versus the industry in terms of recovering memo related revenue
  • Performance – Offers key insights into the drivers behind debit or credit memos. Drill down capabilities allow you to track memo issuances
  • Memos with Tickets – Shows which ticket types most frequently result in memos, including breakdown by airport pair, reason, cabin class and advance purchase
  • Detail Data – Gives a preview of the raw data that powers the dashboards and offers export to Excel
  • Enables a proactive approach to discovering root causes of debit memos so a targeted action plan to mitigate can be devised
  • Helps identify problem ticket areas before an established pattern emerges
  • Provides a consolidated and in-depth analysis of memo data
  • Delivers benchmarking data used to gauge the effectiveness of an organization’s memo management process
  • Links ticketing data and airport O&D data with memos
  • Gives memo reasons by different statuses such as dispute pending, paid memos and memos waived
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Download this case study to learn how Travel Leaders Group realizes business value with ARC's Memo Analyzer.

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