Global Agency Pro

Destination-focused agency sales and contact intelligence

Streamline your marketing efforts and build stronger agency channel relationships with Global Agency Pro. This product addresses the needs of destinations, tourism organizations, hotels, airlines and any other suppliers who are looking to connect with travel agencies and improve returns on their marketing investments.

Global Agency Pro is an interactive online business intelligence tool that is used to identify which ARC or IATA-accredited agencies are selling a particular travel market with pinpoint accuracy. Global Agency Pro uses daily data from the largest global ticket sales database and the global network of travel agencies of ARC and IATA and organizes and sorts this data for you, confirming you receive up-to-date and accurate agency contact and sales data.

With Global Agency Pro, you'll be able to identify your high and low performing agencies, analyze ongoing sales loyalty, export agency contact lists and compare competitor destinations. This tool allows you to clearly target the specific travel agencies whose actual sales activity demonstrates their potential value as sellers of your destination. Easy-to-use and flexible reporting features make this application a must-have for any destination or tourism organization in the travel business.

  • Global sales data by agency
  • Provides overview or drill-down capability to source locations
  • Offers current and historical sales growth figures, market share and loyalty data
  • Includes complete agency contact information, sales and ticketing performance
  • Easy-to-use, interactive mapping, report generator and overview reporting tools
  • Updated daily, and accessible 24/7
  • Create and utilize your own targeted marketing lists of agencies where and when you need them
  • Get better control and evaluation of your marketing outreach efforts
  • Identify new business development opportunities for agents selling competing destinations
  • Improve planning and tracking of your marketing budget spend
  • Understand and compare your destination to the trends of competitive destinations
  • Seasonal tracking and trending of passenger travel and revenue to your destination and competitor destinations
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