Your company's travel department is feeling the squeeze these days, isn't it? Between new travel policies, rising travel costs and reduced budgets, you are really being asked to do much more with much less. In fact, during economic times like this, it's even more critical that your department work to improve your company's financial position.

FareSight allows you to see how your fares measure up to the market, and in turn, analyze your air travel budget and optimize your air travel program. Offering the most comprehensive airline ticketing data available on the market, from ARC's Compass data warehouse, FareSight provides analysis of your company's travel patterns and compares those patterns with the overall market. In addition, the tool allows you to profile your travelers' preferences based on actual ticketed travel—and not just preference surveys or policy compliance.

Visit the FareSight Microsite to learn more about how this product can help you optimize your air travel program.

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