Direct Data Solutions

Where the world goes for airline data

Direct Data Solutions provides the travel industry with timely, accurate, cost-effective access to global airline market data. An all-in-one comprehensive source, this game-changing initiative is led by Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The service is built on the travel agency sales data captured through the ARC and IATA's financial settlement systems and ticket sales contributed by airlines participating in the program. Direct Data Solutions could not exist without airline cooperation and commitment. The world's leading carriers are actively contributing their sales data to the program, providing unprecedented visibility into both direct and indirect channel activity. Together, these sources represent the single largest repository of airline sales data available in the market.

ARC and IATA are excited to partner to connect the travel industry through powerful data aggregated from multiple sources. Working with participating carriers, they are collaborating to bring an unmatched supply of sales data to the world. Direct Data Solutions has revolutionized the way industry professionals get information.

Participating carriers can access Direct Data Solutions via a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) or web-based data analytics tool. Custom reports are also available based on individual business needs.

For Carriers

The Flat File Data Feed allows airlines to easily integrate data directly into their proprietary systems and data warehouses.

Key features:

  • Single-source data file containing 77 data elements, including:
    • Ticket/document number (for validating/marketing carrier only)
    • Flight itinerary (origin and destination airport for each coupon)
    • Ticketing and Marketing Carrier
    • Distribution channel
    • Point of sale
    • Financial (Industry Average Fare)
    • Issue date and travel date
  • Convenient delivery options (daily or monthly)
  • Flexible output based on geographic selections (airport, country, regional, global)
  • Standardized output for seamless integration into existing carrier systems
  • Delivered in .txt format
  • Transmitted via SFTP

For Carriers

Web Tool is an interactive web-based analytics tool that gives carriers the convenience of access to Direct Data Solutions data without the labor of system integration.

Key features:

  • Out-of-the-box analytics capability with no airline IT investment
  • Convenient 24/7 access available with an Internet connection
  • Robust query and export capabilities for analysts and other power users
  • Multiple visual display options speed data comprehension by non-technical staff
  • Optional full-market estimates available

Global data from Direct Data Solutions is available to travel industry professionals through customized reports. Data files can be tailored to individual business needs from available data within the following parameters:

  • Ticket/document number
  • Flight itinerary (origin and destination airports)
  • Ticketing and Marketing Carrier
  • Distribution channel
  • Point of sale
  • Financial (including Industry Average Fare)
  • Issue date and travel date

Direct Data Solutions helps industry professionals make strategic and tactical decisions that span business operations, including sales, distribution, revenue management, and route and network planning.

Key benefits of Direct Data Solutions include:

  • The convenience of a unified global airline ticket sales database that can be leveraged across the enterprise
  • Analytical capabilities to generate relevant, actionable global airline-specific insights to improve both top-line and bottom-line results
  • The ability to free up airline IT resources in order to focus on strategic, value-added projects
  • The most cost-effective and superior airline data solution available in the market