ARC DataXpert Market Intelligence

ARC DataXpert Market Intelligence is a revolutionary, web-based tool that quickly turns ARC ticket data into actionable intelligence. The successor to ARC DataXpert, Market Intelligence provides the industry's most powerful data, through an easy-to-use, web-based interface, which allows you to produce reports that can be quickly interpreted and applied. Effective airline passenger ticket settlement data analysis is absolutely critical to planning and budgeting strategies. This tool helps eliminate much of the guesswork by using the most thorough, unfiltered airline passenger ticket settlement data in the industry.

ADXMI is designed to help sales departments, marketers, route planners and others answer key questions that drive their strategic and tactical decisions regarding airline passenger itineraries. Questions such as:

  • Which agents are selling my carrier?
  • Which agents could be selling more of my carrier?
  • How are certain routes performing?
  • What is the industry average fare in a specific market or cabin class?
  • How successful was the sales campaign that our Marketing department launched last quarter?
  • In which markets, or travel agencies, am I performing well/performing poorly?
  • Where should I focus more/less money in my advertising?

ADXMI is a subscription-based product offered in two versions. The Marketplace version includes data from all ticketed and settled ARC transactions that contain an itinerary. The Country Filter version includes the same functionality as the Marketplace version except that the dataset is limited to the countries that your carrier wishes to see.

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  • Data is updated weekly
  • Analyze historical traffic data, as well as future travel
  • Historical data can be retrieved from as far back as January 2008
  • Unlimited users, usage, and there is no maintenance required
  • Time on ground O&D logic is applied as well as trip return logic
  • Enhanced usability and dynamic table build features
  • Reports produce information in formats with which airline users are comfortable
  • Market Intelligence data represents nearly 13,000 points of sale and roughly $89 billion annually
  • Provides the ability to monitor your competitors' actions in the market
  • Helps professionals throughout the entire organization be more successful, from sales and marketing professionals to route planning and pricing experts
  • Users can access data by country level filter, or choose the entire Marketplace data set, depending on which version your carrier purchases