City Pair Report

Designed for corporate travel managers, travel management companies, consultants and more, City Pair Report offers a comprehensive view of the route(s) they're most interested in. ARC utilizes its extensive ticketing database of close to $90 billion in gross air travel to equip users with exclusive corporate air travel market insights for a selected origin and destination airport pair, presented in a visual appealing and easy-to-understand format.

With City Pair Report, you'll be better prepared for carrier negotiations, internal reporting and policy validation. Performance and trend insights include analysis into carrier performance, advance purchase, cabin classes and length of stay.

City Pair Report data captured includes ARC's settled air ticket data for the corporate market segment and is available based on departure date for a specific 12-month time period. Intended for purchasers that know the airport pairs of interest, this product is affordable and offers quick fulfillment for a pain-free purchasing.

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  • Trusted and comprehensive air data: ARC has the world's largest airline ticketing database, offering a broad and accurate view of the market.
  • Visual snapshots: Presented in an easy-to-understand visual format, you can quickly understand and leverage market insights in your travel program strategies.
  • Corporate air market data at your fingertips: Better equip yourself with market intelligence so you are prepared to engage in fact-based conversations with carriers and executives.
  • City pair performance: Uncover trends within your top city pairs to help validate carrier deals, develop travel policies and recognize cost savings opportunities with suppliers.