ARC Carrier Sales File (4-4-5)

Summarized overview of carrier sales data by month

The ARC Carrier Sales File (4-4-5) provides ARC participating carriers with a summarized overview of their sales activity (validated sales processed through ARC) for all ARC agencies. The file is offered monthly by subscription, and is available as a .txt file via electronic transmission oror paper report.

Pricing and Ordering: Prices start from $385 per month or $4,620 per year. See Pricing/Ordering tab for details

Data Categories

Fare data from ARC-accredited Travel Agency is categorized:

  • Domestic vs. international
  • Cash vs. credit
  • Total industry sales provided for each travel agency

Possible Applications

  • Track sales volume by travel agency
  • Determine market share by travel agency
  • Focus your sales and marketing efforts
  • Identify low and high-performance agencies for incentive and bonus programs

Data is available on a subscription basis:

  • Monthly data: $385 per month, per output file
  • Annual data: $4,620 per year, per output file

Billing done annually at time of purchase.

To order, please fill out a Product Sales Request.

Each .txt file has the following fields:

  • Agency Numeric Code
  • Trade Name
  • Legal Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Carrier Domestic Cash Transport Fares
  • Carrier Domestic Credit Card Transport Fares
  • Carrier Domestic Transport Penalty
  • Carrier International Cash Transport Fares
  • Carrier International Credit Card Transport Fares
  • Carrier International Transport Penalty
  • Carrier Commission
  • Carrier Net Remittance
  • Carrier Non-Transport Fares
  • Carrier Non-Transport Penalty
  • Carrier Non-Transport Commission
  • Carrier Self-Sale Fares
  • Industry Domestic Transport Fares
  • Industry Domestic Transport Penalty
  • Industry International Transport Fares
  • Industry International Transport Penalty
  • Industry Non-Transport Fares
  • Industry Non-Transport Penalty
  • Industry Non-Transport Commission
  • Industry Self-Sale Fares

Download full list of specifications (PDF/143K)