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Section 1: Carrier Participants in Agent's Standard Ticket & Area Settlement Plan
Section 2: ARC Financial Instruments
Bond, Irrevocable Letter of Credit, and Cash Security Deposit Information
Section 3: My ARC
Section 4: Ticketing
Section 5: Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR)
Section 6: Credit Card Acceptance Procedures, Credit Card Chargeback Policy, and Risk Management Best Practices
Section 7: Reporting and Remitting Irregularities and How to Correct Them
Section 8: Taxes, Fees, and Charges
Section 9: Travel Industry Related Laws and Regulations
Section 10: Paper Ticketing Overview
Section 11: ARC Specialist Training and Certification Program
Section 12: Fraud Prevention Program
Section 13: Independent Arbitration Panel Rules of Procedure
Section 14: Office of Travel Agent Arbiter Rules of Practice and Procedure
Section A: Notices
Section B: Security Guidelines for ARC Traffic Documents
Section C: Retention and Inspection of Agent Records
Section D: Financial Instrument
Section E: Carrier Participants in Agent's Standard Ticket & ARC Settlement Plan
Section F: Examples of Breaches by Agent
Section G: Personal Guaranty of Payment and Performance
Section H: Use of ARC Online Services and Tools
Section I: Examples of Change in Ownership
Section J: Instructions for Temporary Closure
Section K: Reports and Settlements
Section L: Variable Remittance
Section M: Administrative and Compensatory Fees
Section N: Associate Branch Supplementary Agreement
Section O: Additional Office Types
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