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Re-designation Form for Travel Professionals



This Form is used to re-designate your organization's administrator for ARC products and service (ARC Tools) such as My ARC and ARC Document Retrieval Service (DRS).

Please Note: ARC's expects that many ARC Tools will become accessible via My ARC in the future. ARC will notify you when a Tool becomes accessible via My ARC and, at that time your organization's My ARC Primary Administrator will handle administrative functions for the tool.

The obligations of your organization with respect to use of My ARC, IAR, ISS, DRS and other ARC Tools are included in the ARC Reporting Agreement and Terms of Service applicable to your organization.

Part A - Basic Information

Please complete the required information.

Your organization is a (check one):

ARC Accredited Travel Agent
Corporate Travel Department (CTD)
Verified Travel Consultant (VTC)

Which tool administrator(s) are you re-designating? (Select at least one)

My ARC (Complete part B1)
DRS (Complete part B2)

Part B1 - My ARC

My ARC Primary Administrator will perform the My ARC administrative functions for your organization and have the following capabilities, including, without limitation:

  • View user accounts across your entire organization
  • Create and delete user accounts
  • Grant and revoke access to My ARC and to ARC Tools as they become available via My ARC (e.g., ISS,)
  • Update user profiles
  • Lock user accounts (e.g., for leaves of absence, etc.)
  • Create additional My ARC administrators (e.g., My ARC Administrators, Tool Administrators, etc.)

Additional information concerning My ARC Primary Administrator can be accessed at

New My ARC Primary Administrator Information

Or if a New My ARC Primary Administrator is requested then provide following information:


Current My ARC Primary Administrator Information

Downgrade Administrator to:

My ARC Administrator and Tool Administrator
My ARC Administrator
Tool Administrator


Delete Administrator

Note: By default, Current My ARC Primary Administrator is downgraded to a 'User' role the when a New My ARC Primary Administrator is re-designated.

Part B2 - Document Retrieval Service (DRS)

New DRS Principal Information


Identity Verification Question and Answer

Please provide a question and answer, which should be known only to the Principal, for identity verification purposes. The question and answer that you provide below will be used to verify your identity if you contact ARC with questions about changes to the Security Manager, the Service, password resets, User IDs, etc.

This Identity Verification Question and Answer must be kept confidential by the Agency's Principal and must not be shared with anyone who is not authorized to act on your behalf.

DRS Security Manager will perform the DRS administrative functions for your organization, including, without limitation

  • Grant and Revoke user access to DRS
  • Create and Perform maintenance of Regular DRS Supervisors and Regular DRS Users,
  • Reset passwords
  • Delete DRS Users

Additional information can be accessed at

New DRS Security Manager Information

Or if a New DRS Security Manager is requested then provide following information:


Part C - Certification

I, the undersigned owner/officer of the Organization named below in this Form, certify that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I am authorized to sign and submit this form on behalf of the Organization named above. I agree and acknowledge that my organization's obligations with respect to My ARC, IAR and DRS are set forth in the ARC Agreement and terms of service applicable to my Organization.


Agency Legal Name:  
Owner/Officer Signature:  
Print Name:  

By signing above, I certify that I am authorized to sign this Application on behalf of the Organization named above.

Note: If your organization is a Corporation, an authorized officer is required to sign.

ARC will endeavor to complete the requested change within 4 business days of receipt of an accurate and complete form. If a re-designation is needed on an expedited basis, please contact ARC's Customer Care Department with such request.

Confirmation of the re-designation will be sent to the Owner Officer's email address provided above. The re-designated Administrator will have the capability to perform all administrative functions relating to your organization's use of the applicable ARC Tools.

Where to send the Completed Form

Please forward the completed and signed original form to:

ARC Attn: CCC / Administrator Redesignation Form
3000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22201-3862

Or you may fax the completed form to +1 703.816.8088 or +1 703.816.8039.

Questions or Assistance

If you have any additional questions about this form, please contact the ARC Customer Care Center at or call +1 855.816.8003.